Eight Reasons Employing a Virtual Assistant Will Increase Profitability

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Following on from the recent blog highlighting how your business could be at risk by mismanaged administration and book-keeping tasks, Eight reasons why your business needs a virtual assistant, here’s how a virtual assistant can help you organise your admin tasks to allow you to focus on developing your business, thus increasing your profitability.

  1. Senior members of staff are completing administration tasks   A virtual assistant can ease this burden by allowing your managers to manage, knowing that their admin is being taken care of by an experienced professional, without the necessity to hire more staff.
  2. Databases require data cleansing, but staff can’t find the time – A virtual assistant can be the perfect outsourcing tool for this kind of task, taking the pressure off your administration team to try to keep up with this time-consuming job.
  3. One-off tasks that don’t fit into a normal working day –  A virtual assistant can quote per job, so you don’t need to employ a temp for a set number of hours a day who may, or may not, be able to complete the task to your standards. A virtual assistant will be paid a fixed amount to so that the job is done, professionally and accurately.
  4. Your business needs an ad-hoc extra pair of hands, but a new employee isn’t an option – A virtual assistant can easily accommodate this, and it means you don’t have the additional cost and hassle of finding an employee. With a virtual assistant service, it is a given that you will receive a professional service and you will only pay for what you need.
  5. Your temp bill is getting higher and higher – A virtual assistant will either charge per task or per hour worked depending on your preference, with no minimum number of hours. The number of hours you require, the amount you will pay, and because it is in the best interests of the virtual assistant’s own business to provide a stellar service, you are guaranteed efficient completion of your tasks.
  6. Your company does not have holiday or sickness staff cover – A virtual assistant can help bridge that gap so that when your employee comes back to work, their urgent tasks have been taken care of, which will increase the team morale if they know work will be covered when they are off.
  7. Your book-keeping isn’t up to date –  A virtual assistant can take care of this, be it logging receipts, developing spreadsheets to log your income and outgoings, generating invoices or chasing payments from clients.
  8. You want to keep your social media accounts up to date but don’t have time to do it –  A virtual assistant can monitor your accounts and update them for you with blog posts, relevant content sharing, and tweets, based on your requirements.

AVA Solutions can help your business to combat these administrative issues. Contact us today to discuss your business needs and we will be happy to help.

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