How AVA Solutions can help you be a Business Warrior in 2021

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Happy New Year, everyone! 

I wrote a post recently about how the difficulties presented to us by the COVID-19 Pandemic in 2020 can help us approach 2021 with some positivity, based on what we have achieved in unprecedented circumstances.

Going into 2021, I’d like to ask you a question:

Who went into lockdown panicking, and struggled to figure out what they were entitled to, what were the parameters of eligibility for this grant, that loan, or other financial aids offered by the government?

As someone who has navigated business accounts and HMRC schemes for over 20 years, even I had plenty of investigative work to do, in order to get to grips with what the government was offering, entitlement criteria for each scheme, how to apply, and how to manage the administration work surrounding it. 

All of my clients looked to me to advise them of how to approach it, and that’s how it should be. While my clients decided how to restructure their day to day business activities, they relied on me  to advise them on what was available for them. I didn’t always have the answers to hand, as the information released was, at times, very basic, and detail came much later, but my clients knew I would find out and update them as soon as I could.

Some requests were specific, for example “How do I furlough staff who work different hours?” or “What do I need to do if  I have a staff member who needs to self isolate?”. Some clients just wanted a general overview of what was on offer as the financial support changed, were extended etc. Some clients just wanted to talk through their options of what they could do to keep their businesses ticking over whilst sticking to the rules and working around restrictions to their business activities.

I’m not a business strategist. I’m not a HR expert. My experience is in book-keeping and accounting, as well as team management. However, despite the wide range of questions I was asked, I was always happy to listen, give suggestions, advise when it was my area of expertise, or suggest other contacts I have in a range of other business areas when they needed more specific advice. 

You may have wondered why I have marketed myself as a Virtual Assistant, rather than a book-keeper or accounts service provider. Sometimes, technical information isn’t what a business owner needs, particularly if they are a small business owner, as my clients tend to be. Sometimes they need a sounding board, someone to rant to about a particular situation, someone to make suggestions on next steps. Sometimes I will have the answer to their questions, sometimes I’m merely an understanding ear or on occasion, a connection to a more specific service that they might need. Ultimately, I want my clients to know they can ask me anything and I will always endeavour to steer them in the right direction. 

In these uncertain times, having someone at your side to help you, not only with the specifics of your book-keeping/accounting needs, but someone who can offer that personal touch, who will be happy just to listen to your concerns, could be a valuable asset to your business.

If your answer to the above question was yes, how helpful would it have been to have had a business like AVA Solutions supporting you?

AVA Solutions will tailor a package to your requirements, whether that be a Self Assessment, monthly accounts management, payroll administration etc., and the charges will be based on the work involved in completing those tasks depending on what you need. What you also get is the unwavering loyalty and support of someone who has encountered a variety of small business scenarios, and can help you take the next steps in managing your business needs. 

My last post asked you to join me in being a business warrior for 2021. If you require book-keeping/accounting support, that is accompanied by  someone who will help you fight your corner in navigating whatever 2021 has in store for us, contact me today for a chat and I’ll be happy to see how I can help you.

Contact us today at  or on 07860 804561 for more details.




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