Yet Another Lockdown! But don’t despair…

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Well, here we are again. Another year, another National Lockdown. With rising COVID-19 numbers, we are yet again having to quickly reassess business operations with little notice. All is not lost, though.

Remember the first lockdown, where it was an unprecedented move for us, and we needed to think on our feet? We’ve all adapted once before, we can do it again. We learn the lessons of what worked and what didn’t, and we approach this new lockdown with a sense of “Let’s do this!”.

One thing to consider is if your business can operate a work from home model. If you did this the first time round, if it worked well enough for your business to remain sustainable, it’s a no-brainer. Challenging possibly, but better than the alternative of shrinking into obscurity.

If your business can’t be operated as work from home or if your business has to remain closed, consider alternative ways to earn money. Those little business opportunities that people sometimes do as a sideline can have your 100% focus during lockdown, keeping your mind active and perhaps earning you some decent tide-over income. (I know a lovely lady who can help you with a fantastic opportunity to become a The Body Shop at Home rep – drop me a message and I’ll hook you up!)

This is your time to get creative with your business operating model. If you have staff who have childcare struggles while schools are shut, perhaps consider changing shift patterns. Most people obviously want to work a standard set of hours, but if the option is there for your staff to keep earning and your business to remain operational, it’s definitely worth a consideration.

Could you do a task rejig? Give those tasks that can be done from home to those who will struggle to make it into work.

Look at how parts of the hospitality industry has adapted their models. Restaurants offering takeaways/deliveries, pre-prepared food packages, stock supplies of meat that they would ordinarily serve in their restaurants. One hospitality business that I am aware of is now operating a food and drink themed online gift shop. There are options available.

Not all businesses have the capacity, or funds, to adapt, but it is definitely worth exploring what is a viable concept to keep going, and keep present. Social media is a simple and easy way to keep your business in front of people, even if you can’t currently operate. Increase your social media profile (I know a couple of amazing ladies who can help with that too, so drop me a message and I’ll be happy to introduce you!)

Whatever you decide for your business, there is support out there too for financial assistance. From the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme to Self Employed Income Support Scheme, to bounce back loans, this is not always easy to navigate and having someone by your side to assist you with all of that would undoubtedly take away a layer of stress over whatever 2021 holds. 

AVA Solutions Ltd can help you with this, as well as being a supporting ear to potential solutions on how to keep your business in operation.  Whether it be specific knowledge you need on what you can and can’t do from a financial perspective or whether you just need to voice something out loud that is concerning you, we’re always happy to help. Sometimes, it’s just having someone to talk to with an objective perspective that can put your mind at rest. We don’t just look after your accounting needs, we can sometimes be the one place you can relay your worst business fears and hopefully we can offer you some reassurance. Of course, we offer business packages, and can tailor a support package to meet your budget and requirements, but the one thing you don’t have to pay for is that unerring support and loyalty that comes from being part of the AVA Solutions family. Contact us today if you want some AVA Solutions support.  You’ve got this!

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