Contractors – What can AVA Solutions do for you?

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Nowhere in the above definition does it say “book-keeper”, “administrator”, “accountant”, “marketing expert”. Yet, to be a contractor, you will undoubtedly require the skills of at least some, or all, of the above professions.

Of course, you will have your own area of expertise, the service that you offer to your clients, so you won’t have time to become an expert in all of these fundamental areas of running a business. However, if these areas aren’t addressed with a certain degree of knowledge, you could find yourself in hot water, financially, or perhaps even worse, with the tax man!

AVA Solutions can help you. We have the expertise you are looking for that will cover all the roles mentioned above that any contractor will need. Alongside our business partners, Launch Events NW Ltd (social media and marketing experts) and TOB Consultant Limited (accountants extraordinaire) we have you covered for every “back office” eventuality.

As an AVA Solutions client, you’ll have access to your very own FreeAgent business accounting portal, that comes with a handy app for you to be able to view your finances on the go. We update everything for you, so everything is available for you to see whenever you need to. Just think, no more piles of receipts and invoices to churn through! 

Call us today to get the help that you need to keep on the right side of the taxman and to keep you as aware of your financial situation as possible.

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  1. very informative article! Cloud solutions are becoming popular not just in legal but across several other fields even its a reporting part or ava aka AI solution that lets you engage with your customers using social media, chat and messaging channels.

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