Eight reasons why your business needs a Virtual Assistant

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Running a business without back office support is hard.

Could your business be haemorrhaging profits because your administration and book-keeping is not up to date?

Here are 8 potential ways that your bottom line may be suffering.

        1. Senior members of staff are completing administration tasks –Managers can spend a lot of time completing admin when they should be focused on the skills you employed them for, like generating new business or managing your existing clients and staff. Overtime will cost your company money and overworked staff will not be as productive. If your senior staff members feel like overpaid administrators, it’s only a matter of time before morale is so low, they’ll look elsewhere to capitalise on their skills.
        2. Databases require data cleansing, but staff can’t find the time – Following the introduction of GDPR, it is vital that spreadsheets and databases are kept up to date with valid information or you risk being fined up to €10 million or 2% of your turnover if you have a data breach.
        3. One-off tasks that don’t fit into a normal working day – Sometimes a task will crop up that is time-consuming and could have a negative impact on the day-to-day running of the business, for example, preparing data for a system change or a mail merge to all your clients.
        4. Your business needs an extra pair of hands, but you don’t want an extra employee – Recruiting and training a new employee can be expensive and unnecessary, when what you really need is someone to complete a once a month task – someone who can do a job as and when required.
        5. Your temp bill is getting higher and higher – Temps can cost a lot of money! Particularly when you pay by the hour for a set number of hours a day, including the agency mark-up, you get an administrator at an inflated cost. Can you guarantee that they can do the job that they are expected to do?
        6. Your company does not have holiday or sickness staff cover – When you are operating your business on a budget, staffing is often tight, so when someone goes on holiday or is off sick, it is inevitable that the business will suffer to some extent when that person’s tasks can’t be covered elsewhere.
        7. Your book-keeping isn’t up to date – Often, keeping up with book-keeping, particularly for sole traders and SME’s, takes a backseat to running the business, but this can be a dangerous habit to get into. This can lead you to pay incorrect tax, causing you problems with HMRC, and you can never be sure of your company’s financial status because your accounts are not up to date.
        8. You want to keep your social media accounts up to date but don’t have time to do it – Social interaction has become an incredibly important marketing tool for businesses but often, businesses don’t have time to keep them regularly updated.

If your business falls into any of the above criteria, AVA Solutions can help. With over 20 years administration, book-keeping and staff management experience, we can provide you with a professional service to suit your needs. Contact us today to discuss your requirements.



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